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A group health consortium, also known as a group health captive, is a cooperative arrangement where multiple organizations or businesses come together to pool their resources and negotiate collectively for better health insurance or healthcare services for their employees or members. These consortiums are typically formed by small and medium-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations, or government entities to achieve cost savings and provide access to quality healthcare benefits.

Providing a sound health insurance plan to employees is a great hiring and retention tool for Ohio employers. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult today to balance the desire to provide health insurance for your employees with the need to manage costs in a perpetually evolving health care landscape. This is especially true for small business health insurance plans, since the costs paid for monthly premiums are more affordable for larger groups of employees.

Helping navigate changes and determining what type of plan works for your Ohio-based employees is what we do at DiStefano Insurance. Our knowledgeable advisors work hard to help you find the most affordable group coverage for your employees from a wide range of reputable insurance companies.

Member organizations join forces to create a larger, more influential group. By doing so, they can negotiate with insurance providers or healthcare providers for better rates, terms, and coverage options.

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At DiStefano Insurance, our core values and principles of integrity, honesty, dependability, innovation, and collaboration shape who we are and guide us; they ultimately allow our team to provide our clients with high-quality insurance products and an unparalleled level of superior service. Each business, family, and individual is given personalized attention needed to design the right fit of insurance and risk management protection for your insurance package.

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