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One important part of your health care strategy should be claims analysis. Regularly reviewing your claims data will help you identify your cost drivers, which can also help you devise a strategy for cost containment and plan design for future years.

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What Is Claims Analysis?  

Simply put, claims analysis involves reviewing all claims submitted for a specific time period. Then, this data is examined to uncover trends, which can be used to identify areas contributing to rising health care costs and potential areas for improvement.

At Distefano Insurance Services, Inc., our team will conduct annual claims analyses, or more frequently if requested, to help you visualize how employees are using your health care plans and identify areas of high utilization. Then, we’ll use this data to prepare a health care strategy for you for years to come, including new health plan designs, educational materials, and general guidance.

What Does Claims Analysis Include?

At Distefano Insurance Services Inc., our claims analysis process includes:

  • Analyzing carrier data and formatting into an easy-to-understand narrative
  • Uncovering trends in utilization, key performance indicators and areas for improvement
  • Creating a strategic benefits plan
  • Continual monitoring of utilization and other claims information
  • Assisting with decision-making based on data and analysis

When Should Health Claims Be Analyzed?  

The timeing for when health claims should be analyzed will vary depending on your plan and insurer. If you have questions regarding your policy, reach out to an agent. At Distefano Insurance Services Inc., our agents are prepared to help you navigate your coverage needs.

Let Us Help You  

Remember, the strategies outlined above are not an exhaustive list, and they’re not going to fit every organization. Contact Distefano Insurance Services Inc. today to learn more about how our claims analysis services can help your organization.

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