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Individual Life Insurance in Canal Fulton, OH, Canton, OH, North Canton, OH, Massillon, OH and the Surrounding Area.

Your death, whether sudden, unexpected or from old age, will leave a hole behind. The void will be not only personal, but also financial. Naturally, everyone wants to make it easier on those they love to cope with their loss. Life insurance is one of the best ways you can create stability for survivors after you die. 

What’s Life Insurance?

Life insurance provides a financial payout upon the death of the insured party. If the policy is in your name, it will pay upon your death.  

When a payout occurs, a beneficiary whom you name in the policy will receive a financial settlement, which can help them cover essential costs. Therefore, you can use life insurance to shore up your survivors’ financial solvency following your passing. 

The benefit might help survivors pay for:

  • Funeral costs

  • Everyday needs and bills

  • Debt settlements

  • Targeted costs like a child’s education or a spouse’s health needs 

The good news is, you can leave the money to almost anyone (including charities) and the money won’t go through probate. Therefore, your survivors will get a settlement before anyone else.

What Policy Options Exist?

Everyone has different life insurance needs. Often, you’ll be able to choose between two types of plans. 

  • Term plans last a set number of years. Coverage will issue payment if you die during the term.

  • Whole-life policies remain active indefinitely, as long as you pay your premiums. Many offer cash-accumulation and interest benefits. 

When you choose a plan, you can name the sum you want to leave behind. Work with one of our agents to set up an appropriate framework for the use of the money. You might need to establish trusts or other beneficiary stipulations to govern payouts.  

Why Get Covered Now?

Don’t wait to get life insurance. It’s critical protection at any stage of life. However, the earlier you get a policy, the more beneficial you likely will find it.

  • The longer you keep coverage, the more chance you have to let your policy accumulate value.

  • Younger individuals often qualify for lower policy premiums.

  • The healthier you are, the better your qualifications for a policy. Why risk waiting until your health begins to decline?

Even though life insurance might not come into play until after your death, it still provides a great service to your survivors. Don’t hesitate, therefore, to get covered. In the end, your personal insurance options will prove instrumental in protecting your overall wellness and solvency well into the future. Contact us today at 330.854.6637to learn more about your options.  


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